Attractions and Activities in Mt Isa

Kalkadoon Tribal Centre - Next to the Tourist Information Centre is the Kalkadoon Tribal Centre and Cultural Keeping Place which contains some interesting Aboriginal artefacts from the area. It is not possible to visit the Aboriginal art sites around the city without a guide. There are, however, a number of tours to the sites. Information can be obtained from the Information Centre.

The Frank Ashton Rotary Underground Museum - Perched on top of a hill this establishment contains good displays of old mining equipment and some interesting Aboriginal artefacts. It has been designed to convey a sense of what the old mines at Mount Isa must have been like. The museum actually enters the hill from the top and goes down into a series of underground chambers and rooms. It was originally the city's reservoir.

Riversleigh Fossil Centre - Behind the city library, under an amphitheatre, is the Riversleigh Fossil Display. This is a genuinely interesting, if small, collection of fossils from Riversleigh Station, located 250 km north of Mount Isa. There is everything from bat's teeth to the bones of a huge flightless ancient bird known as Dromornorthis - the precursor of the emu. It is open from 9- 4.30.

The Lakes - There are a number of pleasant lakes around the city. Most of them are artificially designed. About 10 km from the city centre is the Lake Moondarra reservoir and 100 km north is Lake Julius, which has a delightful recreation park. Because of the shortage of water in the area all the lakes have quickly become important bird sanctuaries.

Top Activities For MOUNT ISA

Mine Tours - The highlight of any visit to Mount Isa is a comprehensive tour of the mines. It makes most sense to start with a surface tour which includes an excellent film which explains how the mine works and what equipment is used. Mount Isa is one of the few mines where visitors can actually take an underground tour. At the height of the season tours are often booked out two months in advance so plan ahead.

Drive tours - Take a drive along the Cloncurry-Mount Isa Road. One of the most interesting aspects of any visit to Mount Isa is the road from Cloncurry to the city. Most of the Gulf lands are flat but this is uncharacteristically hilly and dramatic. In many ways the area appears to be similar to the MacDonnell Ranges in central Australia. The reason for this is that, like the MacDonnells, the Selwyn Ranges are extremely ancient. These mountains have been eroded back to their bones, and consequently their bedding erratically twists in a thousand different directions. The people of Mount Isa will tell you that these mountains are the oldest exposed land mass on earth - and you will be inclined to believe them. The Clem Walton Park (on the main highway between Cloncurry and Mount Isa) includes a remarkable lake with lots of bird life.


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